The algorithmic platform

Execution platform with especial focus into Cryptocurrencies. If you have a strategy, if you have an idea now it could be executed with us.

How it works


A few simples steps to execute a tranding strategy

Install and development

Could be installed easily with a simple docker-compose file creating a docker instance, or with maven if you need to implement you own features.

Choose exchanges

Your orders can be executed in Binance, Bitfinex ( exchange and margin orders ) and with FXCM where you could also trade order securites not crypto related.

Simulate and Backetesting

All the trading strategies can be simulated so would be easy for you to find possible bugs or see how profitable is your logic.

Deploy to production

As the development part a simple container will excute your live strategies. We could also take care of it, please contact us.

Implement Features like

Massive is the best app landing page out there. It is equipped with amazing features and comes with even more amazing support.

Simulate your Strategies

In other to test properly your strategies we have create for you a simulation mode. The orders will be create and validated, but never executed in the exchange. That makes more easy to test your strategies without lose money.

Price selection and liquidity balance

It will crawl all your exchanges and brokers looking for the best prince for your other. What happen with your liquidity? The system is be able to transfer your liquidity between the exchanges.

Back testing

Did you finish your logic? what better that recreate the market and see how profitable is your strategy just providing us a cvs with ticks and we will recreate them.

Different exchanges

Easy to configure using a settings file. The platform work with different exchanges in the same time, you could use them programmatically of leave the IA do it for you.

Java and Scala

The core is wrote in Java but is also possible develop your strategy with scala

Multiple actions

No only a common orders buy or sell are possible. With Gara Quant you could retrieve all the order's history from your exchange executed in the pass, and have a complete history inside of the UI.

Video example.

Simple example of how to create a new strategy with Bitfinex, using a few time frames to generate Bars and gettting Market Data in real time.


How much will cost?


Rapidiously monetize state of the art ROI rather than quality. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Enim neque aliquid.


$19 Monthly

  • One one strategy
  • UI Dashboard Interface


$99 Monthly

  • Multiple strategies
  • UI Dashboard Interface
  • BackTesting functionality
  • Code support


Contact us

  • Multiple strategies
  • UI Dashboard Interface
  • BackTesting functionality
  • Code support
  • Develop your strategy

Some Technologies in use

Those are some of the elements that are used in the platform

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Drop us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.